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Stubby Cooler Printing

Not only do we do persistent coolants and holders; We have a wide range of printable commodity merchandise from T-shirt printing, jackets, singlets, hats, bar runners, coffee mugs, phone boxes and stickers! See the individual product pages for more information.

We want to make potential owners able to search and have worked hard over the last year to make our designs stand out from the rest and take some more class to keep your drink cold. As you browse all our new templates for your event or occasion, we hope you accept. We call this design ethos to create cruises, as it is what we strive to do: create a persistent holder for your guests, friends, family, colleagues or customers who show themselves with pride and use long after- event

We offer sublimation impressions and vinyl transfers –

The sublimation printing is a heat transfer process that uses special dyes based on dyes. The word “sublimation” actually refers to the process of converting a solid into a gas, and back to a solid again. As it is activated by the pressure and heat, the inks are then, went on to a synthetic fabric such as polyester, polymeric coating on tough products such as coffee cups. Since the dyes really dye the fabric, a special coating is not required. The sublimation allows printing to the highest resolutions while maintaining photographic quality and can adapt to small or large speeds without the need for minimal quantities of orders. As with all our printing services, you will also benefit from the fast response time on all your custom shirts and other products.

The vinyl transfers are a thermal transfer material of ultra-fine polyurethane that can be applied to different canvases of any color. This process is very durable and is designed to withstand the rigors of a series of difficult sports. When you use the vinyl transfer for your custom t-shirts, you can not benefit from the minimum order quantity and the fast response times.