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What To Consider When Choosing Wedding Stubby Coolers

Weddings are special occasions, and they are usually one of the most memorable and joyous days for any couple. Various ideas can add color to your wedding and among them is the use of stubby coolers. Wedding stubby coolers are useful for keeping the drinks of your guests cold.


Of course, nobody likes their beer hot, so guests will be thrilled to find stubby coolers at your event. If you are looking to order stubby coolers for your big day, here are some things to consider.


  1. Design


While it is true that the design is up to you, you need to ensure that you keep it simple. You can choose to have your names, date, and venue of the wedding written on the stubby coolers. You can also include a picture of you and your spouse as well as a small thank you message. Bear in mind that a simple design does not have to be boring. It is advisable to speak with your designer so that they can provide you with a variety of design options.


  1. Color


You can choose to order either full color or single color stubby coolers. Both styles are elegant and give you the desired result if you choose a design


that matches it. However, before you place orders for your stubby coolers, make sure you have decided on wedding’s color theme. This will make it easier for you to pick a stubby cooler color that will blend with your color theme. There is no point having a green color theme when you have already ordered for purple stubby coolers.


  1. Style and Size


Wedding stubby coolers come in different sizes and styles to fit different sizes of bottles. Some are designed to fit Australian bottles and cans while others are designed to accommodate European size beer bottles. You should, therefore, decide on the type of alcohol you will be serving at your wedding before placing your orders. You will have wasted your resources if you end up having stubby coolers that do not fit your drink choice.


  1. Budget


Weddings can be expensive especially when you want to invite many people. It is only reasonable that you do a thorough calculation before you order for your wedding stubby coolers. Determine how much you can conveniently spend on the stubby coolers and choose a design that is within your budget. If you want low-cost stubby coolers, then opt for a single color print. But if you want a more elaborate design, then a full-color stubby cooler is recommended. This way you can have photos printed on your wedding stubby coolers.


Your guests deserve the best treatment you can afford. Having stubby coolers at your wedding is one way to let your guests know that their presence is appreciated.

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