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Uses Of Personalized Stubby Holders

Most times when people think of the easiest way to keep their drinks cold, their minds go to stubby holders. This foam cup-like containers have continued to gain popularity because of their portability and flexibility. Interestingly personalized stubby holders can be used for other purposes other than to keep their beverages cold.


Yes, there are so many other uses that you probably haven’t thought of.


Consider the following:


  1. Packing and Moving


If you are moving to a new residence, you will need to pack your glassware. Instead of disposing of old stubby holders, use them to protect your glassware. This will ensure that they do not break or crack in the course of packing. Besides being a perfect fit for many glass sizes, stubby holders saves space. You can also add stubby holders on the feet of your heavy furniture. This will help to prevent cracks and scratches on the floor of your new home.


  1. Storage


Personalized stubby holders can be used as storage bins. Use them to store items like pens, pencils, strings, light bulbs, toothbrushes, stamps, keys and makeup accessories. They can also be used to organize small handicraft supplies, so you do not look for them all the time. Some people have a problem with keeping their shaving cream on the sink because of rust stains. Stubby holders can provide a good solution by holding your shaving cream container.


  1. Electronic Device Protector


Travellers often worry about protecting their electronic devices while traveling. Like glass, electronic devices like smartphone, e-readers, iPod and other small devices can easily fall and break. With personalized stubby holders you can prevent damage by putting your devices in them.


  1. Protecting Fruit


If you want a nice holder for your fruits, use a stubby holder. Some fruits are delicate and may get bruised and even crushed in a tote or backpack. Using a stubby holder to protect your fruits ensure that they remain in good condition until you get home.


  1. Soap Caddy


Stubby holders come in different colors and sizes so that you can use them as your soap holder in the shower. Creative right? You will be adding appeal to your bathroom when you decorate it with colorful items.


  1. Holding Your Camera Gear


Cameras are not just expensive; they are delicate. Hence you need to protect and store them in a safe place. One amazing way to do this is by storing your lenses in stubby holders. For long lenses, use two stubby holders, and if they are short, one holder can serve. You can also cut out the bottom of stubby holders and use them for matte effects. Whether it is raining or you are shooting close to water stubby holders can keep your equipment safe. They


are water resistant and float.

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