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How To Make Your Own Stubby Holders Australia

Stubby holder Australia are commonly used by people to store cold beers. If you are looking to buy a stubby holder Australia has a lot of them in most of their stores. One can get them as a gift for their loved ones as wedding gifts, birthday gifts etc.


If you search online for stubby holders Australia, you will find so many online stores selling= this product. They are very affordable and come in different designs and colors.


If you ever thought of making a stubby holder at home, this article will guide you on making your stubby holder. You will be making your own customized stubby holder which is exactly the same as the stubby holders Australia sells in their stores. All you need to get your stubby holder are:


  • Rubber glue


  • Rectangle cut size neoprene (should be measured 20.5cm x10.5cm)


  • Foam or neoprene (cut in circle for the base) and;


  • Three books


You can always design it your own way and create an artistic design using permanent markers, print, sewing, fabric paint etc.


This is how you make your own stubby holder:


1 Add some glue to the rectangle neoprene. You are to place the glue on each side of the neoprene.


  1. Let the glue stay in for about thirty minutes so it can tack up. The waiting time depends on the type of rubber glue you use.


  1. Make a T-bridge shaped jig using the three books. The books will be used to hold the stubby holder together while it is drying. This is how you make your t-bridge. You select two books that are the same in size and place them 10cm apart. Place another heavy book on top of the two books so it would look like a bridge. The stubby holder will be placed in the space beneath the book on top to hold it so that the glue can be drying.


  1. After the glue has tacked upon the rectangle neoprene, press together the two sides of the neoprene. Make sure the two sides of the glue are facing each other and use your hand to keep pressing the neoprene together.


  1. While still pressing the neoprene together, slide it under the t-bridge so the glue will set and not open up.


  1. Apply glue to the circle neoprene around the edges just like the rectangle neoprene. Place the circle base down so that it would tack up.


  1. After it, circle neoprene has tacked, remove the stubby holder from under the t-bridge and stand it up so it is facing the circle neoprene. The circle neoprene will be inserted at the base of the stubby holder.


  1. Place the stubby holder tightly to the circle base so that the glue can bond tightly and then your stubby holder is ready.
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