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How To Design Your Own Stubby Holder

There are many reasons why you may wonder how to design your own stubby holder. If you are thinking about organizing a fundraiser, a birthday or wedding party, stubby holders will be useful items. Also, stubby holders can be used for making personalized photo, bucks and hen. It is also a good item for promoting your sports club or any business at all. Whatever the case may be, you can always design your own stubby holder with a great look and less stress. With decorating tools like neoprene, a tube of glue, permanent markers, and others, you can make stubby holders as artistic as you want.


How to Design Your Own Stubby Holder




  • Tube of Glue (rubber glue is more effective)


  • Neoprene (rectangular shape)


  • Three books


  • Neoprene or Foam (circular shape for the base)


Step One


Get your rectangular neoprene and apply the glue all through in a dotted or beaded form. For your glue to stick properly on the neoprene material, it should be allowed to stay for a while (according to the instruction on the pack). This gives it time to ‘tack up’ well. For the purpose of designing a stubby holder, it is recommended that you let it sit for thirty minutes for it to stick firmly.


Step Two


Preparing your jig in T-bridge shape will be the next stage. As the glue dries up, three books should be used to hold up the stubby holder. Just as the glue begins to set in, place two books of the same size about 8cm apart. After that, place a thicker book on top of these two books for balance. Now, slide your stubby holder under the heavy middle book making sure there’s pressure from it.


Step Three


Now, join both sides of the neoprene material together allowing the two edges with glue to meet and making everything flat on a smooth surface. Keep holding it for as long as you can (at least 5- minutes).


Step Four


Prepare to glue the stubby holder base. Just as it was with the rectangular neoprene, apply some glue to the base of the stubby holder. Make sure it is smooth. Unlike the dotted format for stage one, this one should be anything but globby. Allow the base to sit and gain a proper hold just as you did in step one.


Step Five


Start removing the stubby holder gently from the heavy middle book from step two (ensure that it doesn’t explode suddenly). After doing this successfully, erect it with the supposed top facing the flat work-surface and get ready to place the base. At this point, you can choose to apply some heat tape for support.


Step Six


By this time, your base should be fully ready to be placed on the stubby holder. As you do this, make sure it fits in properly without any misplacement and hold it firmly together for a while before releasing.




On these stubby holders, you can fit in the required information of a company, an event, product, etc. With this detailed steps, you should have an idea of how to design your own stubby holder without stress.

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