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Get Your Own Customized Photo Stubby Holders Online

Stubby holders are so uniquely Australian they have become as iconic as the Kangaroo. The trend these days is in favor of getting customized photo stubby holders.


That is so cool since customized photo stubby holders offers a lot of advantages. For instance, with your chosen photo, the stubby holder takes on a personality that is uniquely yours. The stubby holder, in other words, becomes an expression of something much cherished.


It is just like having a tattoo of your favorite person, pet or icon on your body. It is a way of making a statement to the world without really shouting it out loud.


For most people though, customizing a stubby holder is mostly about improving the aesthetics.


Have you ever wondered how you can such stubby holders? It turns out it is not so difficult. One of the easiest places to get one is to order it online.


Geting customized photo stubby holders online


  1. Search for a reputable website


The first step is to search for an online store offering such services. Some online stores sell stubby holders without the option of customizing them for buyers.


So make sure the online store is willing and able to customize the stubby holder before placing an order. Fortunately, there are many e-commerce stores in Australia that can do that.


  1. Contact the website


Any website intent on doing business must have a functional customer care number. Also, some have live online chat functionalities.


Contact them via chat or phone and tell them what you want. Email too is an effective way to contact them. Proceed to tell them what you want, how you want it and where.


Some of these e-commerce stores provide these services at no extra cost. So be sure to ask about that.


  1. Selecting and design the stubby holder with an image


This step is why you are here of course. Some websites give you the option of selecting photos from their own collection.


However, it is most likely you want something unique to you. Simply inform them of your choice. You would then be allowed to upload your desired image or photo.


Next, pick the size of the holder you need to complete the specs.


You should be shown a preview of how the stubby holder would look like. Give the order for them to go ahead once you are satisfied.


Some websites also give you the option of actually designing the stubby holder yourself. If you are good with designs, this would be an attractive option.


However, even if you are not that good, you can give it a go. After all, we are talking customized and unique photo stubby holders here.


That is all. You can now sign off the order and wait for it to be delivered at your preferred address. Hopefully, it would get to you in no time at all.


So when next you are at the beach, watch how folks openly admire your cool stubby holder.

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